Software Strategy

Precision Grinding Equipment

*Bold indicates new within last two years.

7Moore Continuous Patch CNC Jig Grinders
3Moore CPZ Continuous Path CNC Jig Grinders with Ball Screw Reciprocation .00004 repeatability
8Moore No. 3 Jig Grinders with .00005 digital readouts
16Parker Majestic Surface Grinders with (.00005) Digital Readouts
1Brown & Sharp Micromaster (.00005) Digital Readouts
1ELB Rotary Grinder 60-SPS
1NC Control ELB Hi Prec. Surf. and Profile Grinder 16" x 39" Mag Chuck
2NC Control ELB High Precision Surface and Profile Grinder 14" x 24" Chuck
1Okamoto 16" x 32" NC Grinder
2Okuma GU34S CNC O.D. - I.D. Grinder
1Okuma GA24 O.D. CNC Grinder
1Parker Majestic Combination Internal/External
2Royal Master Centerless Grinders
1Hardinge 612 Hand-Feed Surface Grinder 6" x 12" Chuck
1Anca TX7+ CNC Cutter grinder

Software and File Formats

Manufacturing Software: Unigraphics, AutoCAD, Applicon, Solid Works 8, Edge Cam, FF Cam.
File Formats: DWG, DXF, IGES, TIFF

Deburr and Finishing

3 Bench Polishers
2 Pedestal Polishers
1Empire Rotary Blaster
1 Comco Micro Blaster
2 Glass Bead Cabinet
5 Hardinge High Speed Polish Laths
5 Gesswein Deburr/Polish Dremel
2Vibrahone FSV-025 (tumbler)
1Gravaflow Rotary Tumbler

Precision Machining Equipment

3Okuma Mc4VA Vertical Machining Centers (Table 21" x 40")
3Makino V33-I Vertical Machining Centers 30,000RPM, wireless touch probe & Laser tool setting
6Makino Model S56 Vertical Machining Centers (table 19" x 36") 13K - 20K RPM with 5 axis, wireless touch probe & Laser tool setting
6Makino Model S56 Vertical Machining Centers (table 19" x 36")13K - 20K RPM, wireless touch probe & Laser tool setting
1Makino Hyper 5 32,000 RPM .00004 Accuracy with 5th axis
1Makino Hyper 5 32,000 RPM .00004 Accuracy
2Haas VF4SS Dual Rotary 5th Axis 12000 RPM, wireless touch probe & tool setting
2Mori Seiki SV50 Vertical Machining Centers with 10,000 RPM
2Mori Seiki SV40 Vertical Machining Centers with 8,000 RPM
2Okuma LB-15 Cadet CNC Lathe
2Okuma LB-15 CNC Lathe
2Okuma LB-15II-M CNC Lathe
4Okuma LB-15II CNC Lathe
1Okuma LB-10II CNC Lathe
1Citizen E32-7 Axis Swiss Screw Machine 1-1/4 Bar Feed Capacity
1Citizen L20 Swiss Screw machine w/ High pressure coolant & magazine bar feeder
1Citizen L20 Type VII 8-Axis Swiss Screw machine w/ High pressure coolant & magazine bar feeder
1Citizen M32 Y 14-Axis Swiss w/ High pressure coolant & magazine bar feeder
1Mitsubishi Wire EDM Model DWC 90HA (Table 10" x 12")
1Mitsubishi 4-Axis CNC EDM Model M35J (Table 20" x 30")
1DWC 110SZ Wire EDM (Table 200 x 300)
2Mitsubishi Wire EDM SX 10
2EDM Drill Machine Model CT300
1Clausing Kondia Mill with Prototrack
4Hardine DSM 59 Turret Lathe
8Bridgeport Mills with Digital Readout (Table 12' x 42")

Inspection Equipment

1SIP CMM5 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (.000025) Accuracy
1Zeiss C400 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
1Sheffield Endeavor CNC CCM with motorized measuring head and auto probe changer
1Micro-Vu Vertex optical CNC video and touch probe measuring system
1TrumpF VMC5 Laser Marking System
1Control Laser Marking System
1Sheffield Cordax 1808 Coordinate Measuring Machine
1Sheffield Cordax 1805 Coordinate Measuring Machine
1Sylvac 6" Micro Height Electronic Gage
2Sylvac 12" Micro Height Electronic Gage
2TSA Contour Recorder Model 2600 and 1600 2000:1 Magnification Capability
(sz. capacity 29.5" x 24.6" x 19.7")
10Inspection Grade Carbide (Croblox) Gage Blocks
15Inspection Grade Ceramic Master Gage Blocks
5Sheffield Shadow Gages
230" J&L Epic 230 Comparator w/ Digital Readout and Air Bearings Tracer
230" J&L Epic 30# Comparator w/ Digital Readout and Air Bearing Tracer
114" J&L Comparator
51Inspection Grade Starrett Surface Plates
1Inspection Grade 4' x 6' Granite Surface Plate
4Inspection Grade 3' x 5' Granite Surface Plates
1Nikon Microscope 200X mag/.00001 Resolution Cross Slides
1Nikon Microscope 100X, 500X, mag .00001 Resolution 3 Axis with Nomarski Optics
8Nikon Toolmaker Microscopes 50 Power
1Rockwell Hardness Tester Model 3JR
PlusIntra Mikes, Height Gages, Micrometers, Sine Fixtures, Rotary Table, etc.


Blue Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner
3-5 Station Nitric Passivation System
Blue Wave Console Spray Rinse

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